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In my infrastructure I have web and mail servers that I can share with you. Latest technology with SSD disks. I can also arrange external hosting provider. It is always more desirable to be a customer with a first and last name than simply being a customer number. Any questions or problems you manage directly with me and you do not have to worry about unnecessary delays. I offer disk space, database, domain management, emails associated with your domain, FTP accounts , etc.

There are millions of consumers who do not buy on the web, why?: Fear of being stolen . These people have been victims or have heard stories of electronic data theft. As a web marketer, you have the responsibility to ensure that no one can access and misuse your customers’ private information. If you are going to store credit card information in a database on your website so you can manually upload it later then it is absolutely necessary a HTTPS/SSL certificate to protect the credit card data stored on your server.

If there is something we forget too often it is the maintenance of our website; Surely we perform few maintenance in general; But our website is our showcase, and therefore must be always impeccable.

Backups? For what? Well to restore your page if necessary; A maintenance and update program of backups comprehensive and periodic is the basis of the peace of mind that your web page will always be in good shape.

This technique is one of the most used today in the design and creation of web pages, allowing us to make our websites adaptable to any mobile device, portable or desktop.

Mobile is the main device through which Spaniards enter the Internet, with 88.3% of users , 5.9 points more than in 2014, and surpasses for the first time to the computer as a favorite gateway, whereas only a year ago they were tied.


The data regarding the growth of online commerce leave no doubt about the convenience of having our presence on the Internet: E-Commerce In Europe it will reach 191 billion euros in sales in 2017. A new Forrester study has highlighted that over the next 4 years, Europe will consolidate itself as the continent with the highest volume of sales through the internet. In addition, the study adds that within these positive forecasts, Spain will occupy a special place at the head of the countries that will grow most within this sector.

Advertising on Google Adwords to obtain more visibility. Based on a previous study of keywords, trends and target audience geolocation, I optimize your ads to come out in the right place. 

What are the objectives: GET MORE SALES, MORE CUSTOMERS, MORE RESERVATIONS. That is the slogan, to make coherent and logical publicity. Bet on quality and not quantity. Manage efficient campaigns that generate an ROI.

SEO (Search Engine Positioning).

I follow a Positioning Consulting Process SEO in search engines to get quality visitors to translate into conversions for your business. I do a sectorial study to determine a content strategy aimed at your target audience.

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and students a unique, robust and secure integrated system to create customized learning environments. You can download the program to your own web server, or ask to attend.

Moodle is built by the Moodle project, which is run and coordinated by Headquarters General Moodle, an Australian company of 30 developers, which is financially supported by a worldwide network of about 60 Moodle Partners.

If you do not find exactly what you want, contact me. Thanks for your interest!

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

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  • Moodle

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

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The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

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